Meet The Maker | Fiit FX [Personal + Group Fitness Instructor] Vol. 4

Bendigo Commercial Photographer

Meet The Maker

– Vol. 4 –

with Bendigo Commercial Photographer Leah Ladson &

Rachael from Fiit FX

Meet Rachael.

Bendigo Commercial Photographer

Fitness junkie. Mum of 2. Legend & Owner of Fiit FX.

(P.s. Look at those guns!)

Bendigo Commercial PhotographerBendigo Commercial PhotographerBendigo Commercial Photographer

I did a photoshoot for Rach last year to step up her [not so] little business to the next level – It was so lovely to get involved in something that is so foreign to me! I was totally out of my comfort zone for this one, but we nutted out a brief for her and just quietly, I think we smashed it!

So while I could waffle on for hours about Rach and her biz… I’ve asked HER to answer some questions so you can get to know her a little better!

1. Why did you start your business?

I basically started Fiit FX so that my mum friends could enjoy some exercise and bring their kids along at the same time. I had only recently had my second child and now that I had two young children of my own I was well aware of how hard it was to find fitness facilities that provided childcare options.

As fitness trainer that had previously worked with mums though, I really just wanted to be able to continue to offer training options to families in Bendigo by providing a space where individuals achieved their health and fitness goals, socialized and supported each other regardless of their fitness level.


2. What was your biggest business hurdle to overcome?

I would have to say growing my clientele and/or expanding my classes. With two young children, limited family locally, a second job and a husband who works long hours I struggled in my first year between wanting to grow the business as well as trying to be home as much as possible with the girls. I guess I overcame this by building up my classes slowly and have managed to go from one class to ten per week based on the needs of both my family and my clients simultaneously.


3. What is your biggest achievement to date?

My clients are definitely my biggest achievement. I’m so proud of how far they have come, their dedication to achieving their health and fitness goals and support for one another. To play a part in creating such an amazing hub is so special, especially when I see my clients kicking goals, looking after each other, welcoming new people and giving every class their all. If I were to say one specific area though, it would be my Pre-Fiit Pre and Post Natal Program. I only developed this mid last year after an influx of new mums started coming to classes. Becoming pre and post natal certified was really important to me with the clientele that trusting me in their care. This program has continued to grow and evolve and it’s wonderful seeing new and existing mums taking time to exercise and learn how to do it safely during or post pregnancy. It’s starting to get some fantastic traction from Maternal and Child Health Nurses and GP’s due to the linkages with leading woman’s health physios in Bendigo so that’s pretty cool too.

Bendigo Commercial Photographer

4. Tell us something that your customers might not know about you.

I studied health science at university and have worked in the health promotion/public health field for the last twelve years. I only became a qualified health and fitness coach whilst on maternity leave from my first child in 2012 – no rest for the wicked ha!


5. What is your favourite service/product you sell?

I have just introduced a brand new training program called MetaPWR and I absolutely love it. It’s the perfect blend of strength training, ballistic and plyometrics moves and the feedback from my male and female clients has been wonderful so far too.


6. What are you excited for?

Everything!! There are so many things I’d still love to do with this little business (and not enough hours in the day). I’d love to expand enough to enable Fiit FX to have its own venue, incorporate more of a holistic health/nutrition element, bring in some fabulous new classes and lots more.

Bendigo Commercial Photographer Bendigo Commercial Photographer Bendigo Commercial Photographer


7. Who are your business idols? Or who do you admire?

Sophie Guidolin is a really positive role model for mums, she’s very real and with four young children of her own does an amazing job at supporting other mums to be fit and healthy. She’s realistic about her own and others training goals and between running her own gym with her partner, creating healthy cookbooks, training for her own fitness goals and having a family I have no idea how she does it.


8. Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

I have no idea! Hopefully it’s continuing to make a difference in the health and fitness of Bendigodians and beyond (I’d love to incorporate online training at some stage), perhaps we will have expanded to incorporate other health professionals, more specialist classes and have some wonderful staff and most importantly I hope I’m still loving it as much as I am today.


9. Tell us 5 fun facts about yourself (personal or business)

  • I love love cooking and adapting recipes to be my own creation
  • Salted caramel dark choc is my absolute favourite
  • I’m fascinated by sharks and crocodiles
  • I’m very partial to a good karaoke sing along (with or without wine)
  • The name FIIT FX is a play on words with a mix between Functional training and HIIT(high intensity interval training).


10. Who should we follow on social media?

There are so many great social media influences in the health and fitness field, the natural nutritionist (Steph Lowe) is an aussie based sports nutritionist who has some amazing recipes and a great website, another Aussie, Jen Duggard is a fitness specialist who’s on instagram and targets mums and is really positive and knowledgeable about all things pre/post natal, the BaseBodyBabes are two trainer sisters who focus on training woman and building strength but my gosh they do it in style, love seeing the latest active wear fashion through their insta feeds, particularly when it’s all I live in.

Bendigo Commercial Photographer Bendigo Commercial Photographer Bendigo Commercial Photographer Bendigo Commercial Photographer Bendigo Commercial Photographer

So there you have it folks, now you know Rach a little better – And if you’ve been thinking about getting fit, I can whole-heartedly say she’s got your back. She’s genuinely interested in EVERYBODY’s progress and story. Now I’ma wait for her to open up some classes out here in Marong 😀

Big Love, Leah

~ xoxo ~