Zach + Sam’s Country Wedding | Ravenswood Wedding

Ravenswood Wedding

Zach + Sam’s

*STUNNING* Country Wedding


These guys! I am SO glad I crossed paths with them.

The story begins when I received a message from Sam the day before last years I Do I Do Wedding Expo, saying she was coming to see me the next day. Amongst all the chaos, this gorgeous smile walked up and introduced herself. She was with her Mumma, and we got talking… Straight away we had so much in common. Sam and her family hail from a small country town called Alexandra, which just so happens to be one town over from where my FIL & MIL live. Most people say “Where?” when you talk about Alex, so to meet people who A) know where it is, and B) actually come from there… Fate?

I got a message from Sam that very same afternoon, confirming that she wanted me to capture their wedding. And from there, there were a bazillion messages back and forth about location, decor and everything wedding related. Just how I like it. I absolutely adore being involved in my couples planning phase. It allows me to get a good idea of the styling they are going for, but best of all? It gives me a REALLY good insight into their personalities, and it makes the wedding day EASY + FUN. Two words that are of the utmost importance when it comes to your wedding day!

So from there, we figured out that Zach + Sam were building a home basically across the road from me. Which is so freaky, because… Marong. Literally, no one lives here! So as the wedding day drew closer, we caught up to run through things at none other than the local pub. The first time I’d met Zach, and I think he thought I was a bit of a lunatic when I told him it was my vintage bike parked out the front of the pub, and that yes, I rode to the pub for a beer. #bogan

So… you want me to get to the part about the wedding yes?


I rocked up to Ravenswood Homestead. It was a beautiful Autumn day. And as I was greeted by the owners, Corey + Grace, I was told that Zach was nervous AF. He’d asked for a tennis ball to help his nerves (CUTE!) and so I quickly made my way down to see him to see if I could help.

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

There were boys everywhere. Zach obviously has a really good group of mates. They were right though, he was prettttttty nervous! I think (hope) he relaxed a little when I got there. I heard on the grapevine having his photos taken wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be… So, I’ll take that as a win!

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

I put the boys out of their misery with a short shoot, and then headed back up to the main homestead to see where the girls were at.

Sam was a totally different story. Coooool as!Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

Sam was hanging with her BM’s, her parents and her sisters. And everything was completely chill. I was delighted (and not surprised) to find THE most amazingly colourful bouquet of flowers when I got there. You see, Sam is the mastermind behind Leo & May and is a grapho/creative/legend – and these blooms were absolutely sensational.

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

This Homestead is such a beautiful space. What Corey + Grace have done with the place is phenomenal, and we are so lucky to have such a beautiful place in Bendigo.

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

As mentioned before, Sam is a creative mastermind, and the decor and styling around the grounds is an absolute credit to her talents. The pops of colour and custom signage were very spesh!

Ravenswood Wedding

Then came the time for Sam to walk down the aisle. While I knew she would be calm, I watched Zach closely, hoping for some tears (yep, I’m THAT mean!). He later told me that he was doing everything possible NOT to cry, because his cousin who got married recently was a cry-er and he’d been hanging shit on him about it. He couldn’t. And he didn’t (bravo!) – Buuutttt…. I wouldn’t have judged you Zach!

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood WeddingRavenswood Wedding

Such as RIDICULOUSLY beautiful ceremony. Sam held Zach’s hand and you could see Zach ease into it immediately.

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood WeddingRavenswood Wedding

So.. it’s official! Mr + Mrs Heaslip! And might I add… THE best surname to create a wedding hashtag (Sam’s clever brain again) #heaslippedaringonit – YASS!

We got to hang out at Ravenswood while the guests made their way to the reception, and I’d been waiting for a wedding here, because there is SO much choice! This is *THE* perfect place for a country wedding.

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

That light!!!!!

Ravenswood WeddingRavenswood Wedding

The Stables? My absolute favourite!!

We were served grazing plates and drinks while we hung out, and it was just… really cool.

So what’s next? I guess I should tell you about the reception!

Back into Bendigo, and over to The Boardwalk for their reception. This beauty sits on Lake Weeroona, and is one of the best wedding reception venues in Bendigo in my humble opinion! Great food. Great styling. Great view.

Ravenswood Wedding Ravenswood WeddingRavenswood Wedding Ravenswood WeddingRavenswood Wedding Ravenswood Wedding

I cannot speak highly enough of these guys. And I love that they live so close. When I dropped their photos off, I knew I could rock up in my trackies with no makeup. And even better, I sat down and had a few beers and had a good old chin-wag with them both about the rest of their night, their honeymoon, and… life! I know once my crazy little life settles down a bit, I’ll be catching up for regular meals/beers and we will be friends for a long time to come. Just the way it should be!

Thank you guys… For making that first contact way back when… Because, love!

So glad to call you friends, and can’t wait to see the next chapter for the Heaslip’s!

Big Love, Leah

~ xoxo ~

Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Leah Ladson Photography (Come hang with me on Instagram!)

Ceremony: The Ground of Ravenswood Run

Reception: The Boardwalk Bendigo

Signage & Decor: Leo & May

Flowers: The Eternal Vase

Hair & Makeup: Jacs Salon

Bridesmaid Dresses: Mona Lisa

Suits: Peter Anthony Menswear

Celebrant: Weddings by Jane

Cake: Bake Me I’m Yours